Philip Josepheson

Before his hospitalization, Philip Josephson lived independently and enjoyed activities in his community. Then one day, Philip began experiencing body aches and numbness extending to his hands and feet. He admitted to a local acute care hospital and underwent various tests. The workup provided a diagnosis of Guillain-Barre Syndrome, associated with a respiratory infection he suffered a few weeks earlier.

In need of an extended hospitalization and a high-level of care, Philip transferred to Vibra Hospital of Clear Lake, a critical care hospital. He admitted directly to Vibra’s ICU with a trach collar and required a ventilator at night. In addition to his respiratory distress, Philip could not eat and required a feeding tube. Later, Philip required IV tube feeding because he developed intestinal disruption. Philip had also developed a small wound from when he was completely ventilator-dependent. Nor could he move on his own.

Vibra’s interdisciplinary team coordinated an extensive, customized plan of care to help Philip liberate from the ventilator and regain his independence. And Philip was ready to do his part, too. Motivated to return to his family and grandchildren, Philip put in the hard work on his recovery, and the results were substantial.

Philip can now breathe without oxygen support, and his wound has completely healed. He has resumed eating a regular diet and can feed himself. Thanks to Philip’s hard work with physical therapy and occupational therapy, he can stand and perform activities of daily living involving his upper body.

Having achieved his goals at Vibra, Philip discharged to an inpatient rehabilitation facility to continue advancing his recovery. He thanked his rehab, respiratory, and wound care teams for his progress. His wife even made cookie bags for the hospital staff to show their appreciation!