Miguel Vega

Experiencing shortness of breath and pain in his lower back, Miguel Vega knew something was wrong. A trip to the local acute care hospital confirmed his suspicions when doctors diagnosed him with sepsis.

Miguel was admitted to the short-term acute care hospital for treatment, but his stay would be challenging. Complications included increased fluid overload and respiratory distress. As a result of these complications, Miguel was placed on a ventilator to breathe for him and required hemodialysis.

Once stabilized, Miguel transferred to Vibra Hospital of Clear Lake, a critical care hospital. Critical care hospitals, sometimes known as long-term acute care hospitals, provide a high level of medical care to patients facing an extended hospitalization. Miguel’s stay at Vibra had several distinct goals:

  • Wean from the ventilator.
  • Complete a course of IV antibiotics.
  • Begin to regain his strength and function in order to safely return home.

From day one, the staff at Vibra Hospital got to work on helping Miguel achieve these goals. His stay began with evaluations and the development of an individualized plan of care targeted to Miguel’s unique needs and goals.

At first, Miguel’s family was concerned about his functional limitations and the possibility he would need to discharge to a skilled nursing facility instead of his home. His initial evaluations with physical and occupational therapies showed he required maximum assistance for mobility and had low endurance in completing self-care tasks.

However, Miguel was determined to work hard and had a tremendous family support system in addition to the clinical support of the Vibra staff. Working hard through intensive therapy sessions, Miguel progressed to walking over 50 feet with a rolling walker. He gained the ability to sit up in his wheelchair for meals. And through his work with respiratory therapy, Miguel weaned off the ventilator, was decannulated, and required only minimal oxygen support.

Having met all his clinical goals, Miguel achieved his ultimate personal goal of discharging home upon completing his stay at Vibra Hospital of Clear Lake.

Congratulations, Miguel!