Miguel Vega

Experiencing shortness of breath and pain in his lower back, Miguel Vega knew something was wrong. A trip to the local acute care hospital confirmed his suspicions when doctors diagnosed him with sepsis.

Camila Champs

Despite surviving a stroke several years ago and having a history of cardiac issues, Camila Champs was doing well. The 51-year-old lived at home and quite independently. But one day, Camila’s speech became slurred, prompting a visit from the paramedics.

Philip Josepheson

Before his hospitalization, Philip Josephson lived independently and enjoyed activities in his community. Then one day, Philip began experiencing body aches and numbness extending to his hands and feet. He admitted to a local acute care hospital and underwent various tests. The workup provided a diagnosis of Guillain-Barre Syndrome, associated with a respiratory infection he suffered a few weeks earlier.